Interface TypeName

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    Comparable<GenericName>, GenericName, LocalName

    public interface TypeName
    extends LocalName
    A local name that references a record type in a record schema. Can also be used as the name of a feature type.

    TypeNames are returned by the following methods:

    Comparison with the Java language

    A TypeName is similar to the name of a java Class. By contrast, a MemberName is similar to the name of a field in a Java class.

    It is sometime useful to establish a mapping between TypeName and Class. Such mapping is left to implementors, but the following table can be used as an example. This example uses UML identifiers, arbitrarily prefixed by the "OGC" namespace (this is not a standard practice, and should not be used for types not found in OGC standards). The definition identifiers in OGC namespace are also shown for information purpose. Those identifiers would be a more standard alternative, but cover only a small subset of types and sometime do not provide an exact match. Available OGC identifiers can be browsed on

    Examples of mapping from Java classes to type names
    Java class Name example Definition identifier in OGC namespace
    String "OGC:CharacterString" urn:ogc:def:dataType:OGC::string
    Date "OGC:DateTime"
    Double "OGC:Real"
    Integer "OGC:Integer" urn:ogc:def:dataType:OGC::nonNegativeInteger
    Boolean "OGC:Boolean" urn:ogc:def:dataType:OGC::boolean
    Metadata "OGC:MD_Metadata"
    See Also:
    NameFactory.createTypeName(NameSpace, CharSequence)