Package org.opengis.metadata.acquisition

package org.opengis.metadata.acquisition
Acquisition information.

Metadata objects are described in the Metadata extension for imagery and gridded data specification. The following table shows the class hierarchy, together with a partial view of aggregation hierarchy:

Package overview
Class hierarchy Aggregation hierarchy
 ISO 19115 object
  ├─ Acquisition
  ├─ Objective
  ├─ PlatformPass
  ├─ Event
  ├─ Requirement
  ├─ RequestedDate
  ├─ Plan
  ├─ Operation
  ├─ Platform
  ├─ Instrument
  └─ EnvironmentalRecord
  ├─ ObjectiveType
  ├─ Trigger
  ├─ Context
  ├─ Sequence
  ├─ Priority
  ├─ GeometryType
  └─ OperationType
  ├─ Requirement
  │   ├─ RequestedDate
  │   └─ Priority «code list»
  ├─ Objective
  │   ├─ ObjectiveType «code list»
  │   └─ PlatformPass
  │       └─ Event
  │           ├─ Trigger «code list»
  │           ├─ Context «code list»
  │           └─ Sequence «code list»
  ├─ Plan
  │   ├─ GeometryType «code list»
  │   └─ Operation
  │       ├─ OperationType «code list»
  │       └─ Platform
  │           └─ Instrument
  └─ EnvironmentalRecord
  • Class
    Designations for the measuring instruments, the platform carrying them, and the mission to which the data contributes.
    Designation of criterion for defining the context of the scanning process event.
    Information about the environmental conditions during the acquisition.
    Identification of a significant collection point within an operation.
    Geometric description of the collection.
    Designations for the measuring instruments.
    Describes the characteristics, spatial and temporal extent of the intended object to be observed.
    Temporal persistence of collection objective.
    Designations for the operation used to acquire the dataset.
    Code indicating whether the data contained in this packet is real (originates from live-fly or other non-simulated operational sources), simulated (originates from target simulator sources), or synthesized (a mix of real and simulated data).
    Designations for the planning information related to meeting the data acquisition requirements.
    Designation of the platform used to acquire the dataset.
    Identification of collection coverage.
    Ordered list of priorities.
    Range of date validity.
    Requirement to be satisfied by the planned data acquisition.
    Temporal relation of activation.
    Mechanism of activation.