Package org.opengis.metadata.citation

package org.opengis.metadata.citation
Type for citing a resource and information about the responsible party. The resource can be a dataset, feature, source, publication, etc. The responsible party contains the identity of person(s), and/or position, and/or organization(s) associated with the resource. The address contains the location of the responsible person or organization.

Metadata object are described in the OpenGIS® Metadata (Topic 11) specification. The following table shows the class hierarchy, together with a partial view of aggregation hierarchy:

Package overview
Class hierarchy Aggregation hierarchy
 ISO 19115 object
  ├─ Citation
  ├─ CitationDate
  ├─ Responsibility
  ├─ Party «abstract»
  │   ├─ Individual
  │   └─ Organisation
  ├─ Contact
  ├─ Telephone
  ├─ Address
  ├─ OnlineResource
  └─ Series
  ├─ DateType
  ├─ OnLineFunction
  ├─ PresentationForm
  └─ Role
  ├─ CitationDate
  │   └─ DateType «code list»
  ├─ Responsibility
  │   ├─ Party «abstract»
  │   │   └─ Contact
  │   │       ├─ Telephone
  │   │       ├─ Address
  │   │       └─ OnlineResource
  │   │           └─ OnLineFunction «code list»
  │   └─ Role «code list»
  ├─ PresentationForm «code list»
  └─ Series
  • Class
    Location of the responsible individual or organization.
    Standardized resource reference.
    Reference date and event used to describe it.
    Information required to enable contact with the responsible person and/or organization.
    Identification of when a given event occurred
    Information about the party if the party is an individual.
    Class of information to which the referencing entity applies.
    Information about on-line sources from which the dataset, specification, or community profile name and extended metadata elements can be obtained.
    Information about the party if the party is an organisation.
    Information about the individual and / or organisation of the party.
    Mode in which the data is represented.
    Information about the party and their role.
    Function performed by the responsible party.
    Information about the series, or aggregate dataset, to which a dataset belongs.
    Telephone numbers for contacting the responsible individual or organization.
    Type of telephone.