Package org.opengis.metadata.distribution

package org.opengis.metadata.distribution
Information concerning the distributor of, and options for obtaining, a resource.

Metadata object are described in the OpenGIS® Metadata (Topic 11) specification. The following table shows the class hierarchy, together with a partial view of aggregation hierarchy:

Package overview
Class hierarchy Aggregation hierarchy
 ISO 19115 object
  ├─ Distribution
  ├─ Distributor
  ├─ Medium
  ├─ Format
  ├─ StandardOrderProcess
  ├─ DigitalTransferOptions
  └─ DataFile
  ├─ MediumName
  └─ MediumFormat
  ├─ Format
  ├─ Distributor
  │   └─ StandardOrderProcess
  └─ DigitalTransferOptions
      └─ Medium
          ├─ MediumName «code list»
          └─ MediumFormat «code list»

The Distribution.distributionFormat element is mandatory if the Distributor.distributorFormat is empty, and conversely.

  • Class
    Description of a transfer data file.
    Technical means and media by which a resource is obtained from the distributor.
    Information about the distributor of and options for obtaining the resource.
    Information about the distributor.
    Description of the computer language construct that specifies the representation of data objects in a record, file, message, storage device or transmission channel.
    Information about the media on which the resource can be stored or distributed.
    Method used to write to the medium.
    This code list is not anymore part of ISO 19115:2014, since MediumName has been replaced by Citation.
    Common ways in which the resource may be obtained or received, and related instructions and fee information.