Package org.opengis.metadata.lineage

package org.opengis.metadata.lineage
Sources and production processes used in producing a dataset.

Metadata object are described in the OpenGIS® Metadata (Topic 11) specification. The following table shows the class hierarchy, together with a partial view of aggregation hierarchy:

Package overview
Class hierarchy Aggregation hierarchy
ISO 19115 object
  ├─ Lineage
  ├─ ProcessStep
  ├─ Source
  ├─ NominalResolution
  ├─ Processing
  ├─ Algorithm
  └─ ProcessStepReport
  ├─ Source
  │   └─ NominalResolution
  └─ ProcessStep
      ├─ Source
      ├─ Processing
      │   └─ Algorithm
      └─ ProcessStepReport

The Lineage.statement element is mandatory if DataQuality.scope.level has a value of ScopeCode.DATASET or ScopeCode.SERIES and the source and process step are not set.

  • Interfaces
    Details of the methodology by which geographic information was derived from the instrument readings.
    Information about the events or source data used in constructing the data specified by the scope or lack of knowledge about lineage.
    Distance between consistent parts of (centre, left side, right side) adjacent pixels.
    Comprehensive information about the procedure(s), process(es) and algorithm(s) applied in the process step.
    Information about an event or transformation in the life of resource.
    Report of what occurred during the process step.
    Information about the resource used in creating the resource specified by the scope.