Package org.opengis.metadata.maintenance

package org.opengis.metadata.maintenance
Scope and frequency of updating data.

Metadata object are described in the OpenGIS® Metadata (Topic 11) specification. The following table shows the class hierarchy, together with a partial view of aggregation hierarchy:

Package overview
Class hierarchy Aggregation hierarchy
 ISO 19115 object
  ├─ MaintenanceInformation
  ├─ Scope
  └─ ScopeDescription
  ├─ MaintenanceFrequency
  └─ ScopeCode
  ├─ MaintenanceFrequency «code list»
  └─ Scope
      ├─ ScopeCode «code list»
      └─ ScopeDescription
  • Class
    Frequency with which modifications and deletions are made to the data after it is first produced.
    Information about the scope and frequency of updating.
    The target resource and physical extent for which information is reported.
    Class of information to which the referencing entity applies.
    Description of the class of information covered by the information.