Package org.opengis.util

package org.opengis.util
A set of base types from ISO 19103 which can not be mapped directly from Java, plus utilities. Type hierarchy is as below:
Package overview
Records Names Factories Other
 ISO 19103 object
  ├─ RecordSchema
  ├─ Type
  │   └─ RecordType
  └─ Record
 ISO 19103 object
  └─ GenericName
      ├─ ScopedName
      └─ LocalName
          ├─ TypeName
          └─ MemberName
 GeoAPI object
  └─ Factory
      ├─ NameFactory
      ├─ ObjectFactory
      └─ AuthorityFactory
 GeoAPI object
  └─ InternationalString

Names and Namespaces

The job of a "name" is to associate that name with an Object within the context of a NameSpace. For example GenericName instances could be keys in a HashMap, in which case the namespace is materialized by the HashMap. Names are often used in the context of reading data from various formats such as XML, shapefiles or netCDF, which have different constraints for names in their namespaces. The GenericName javadoc provides more details about name structure.

Records and Schemas

Record and RecordType are lookup mechanisms that associate field names to values and value types respectively. Field names are locally mapped, and field types are most often primitives. Because the RecordType describes the structure of a set of records, it is essentially a metaclass for that set of records viewed as a class. A Record is an instance of RecordType containing the actual field values.