Interface Projection

All Superinterfaces:
Conversion, CoordinateOperation, IdentifiedObject, SingleOperation
All Known Subinterfaces:
ConicProjection, CylindricalProjection, PlanarProjection

public interface Projection extends Conversion
A conversion transforming (longitude,latitude) coordinates to cartesian coordinates (x,y). Although some map projections can be represented as a geometric process, in general a map projection is a set of formulae that converts geodetic latitude and longitude to plane (map) coordinates. Height plays no role in this process, which is entirely two-dimensional. The same map projection can be applied to many geographic CRSs, resulting in many projected CRSs each of which is related to the same geodetic datum as the geographic CRS on which it was based.

An unofficial list of projections and their parameters can be found there. Most projections expect the following parameters: "semi_major" (mandatory), "semi_minor" (mandatory), "central_meridian" (default to 0), "latitude_of_origin" (default to 0), "scale_factor" (default to 1), "false_easting" (default to 0) and "false_northing" (default to 0).

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Departure from OGC/ISO abstract specification:
Addition of element not in the ISO/OGC specification This interface is not part of the ISO specification. It has been added in GeoAPI at user request, in order to provide a way to know the kind of map projection.