Package org.opengis.metadata.identification

package org.opengis.metadata.identification
Identification information (includes data and service identification). The following is adapted from OpenGIS® Metadata (Topic 11) specification.

Identification information contains information to uniquely identify the data. Identification information includes information about the citation for the resource, an abstract, the purpose, credit, the status and points of contact. The identification entity is mandatory. It may be specified (subclassed) as data identification when used to identify data and as service identification when used to identify a service.

Identification is an aggregate of the following entities:

  • Class
    Aggregate dataset information.
    Justification for the correlation of two datasets.
    Graphic that provides an illustration of the dataset (should include a legend for the graphic).
    Name of the character coding standard used for the resource.
    Information required to identify a dataset.
    Basic information required to uniquely identify a resource or resources.
    Type of aggregation activity in which datasets are related
    Keywords, their type and reference source.
    Methods used to group similar keywords.
    Status of the dataset or progress of a review.
    A scale defined as the inverse of a denominator.
    Level of detail expressed as a scale factor or a ground distance.
    Identification of capabilities which a service provider makes available to a service user through a set of interfaces that define a behaviour - See ISO 19119 for further information.
    High-level geographic data thematic classification to assist in the grouping and search of available geographic data sets.
    Brief description of ways in which the resource(s) is/are currently used.