Interface CRSFactory

All Superinterfaces:
Factory, ObjectFactory

@UML(identifier="CS_CoordinateSystemFactory", specification=OGC_01009) public interface CRSFactory extends ObjectFactory
Builds up complex coordinate reference systems from simpler objects or values. CRSFactory allows applications to make coordinate reference systems that cannot be created by a CRSAuthorityFactory. This factory is very flexible, whereas the authority factory is easier to use.

So CRSAuthorityFactory can be used to make "standard" coordinate reference systems, and CRSFactory can be used to make "special" coordinate reference systems.

For example, the EPSG authority has codes for USA state plane coordinate systems using the NAD83 datum, but these coordinate systems always use meters. EPSG does not have codes for NAD83 state plane coordinate systems that use feet units. This factory lets an application create such a hybrid coordinate system.

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