GeoAPI developments

GeoAPI 3.1-SNAPSHOT and 4.0-SNAPSHOT are unreleased versions currently in development. Developers working on projects who need long term stability should use the released 3.0.2 version of the API rather than the snapshots, formalized with the OGC 09-083 specification document. The rest of this page describes how the source code repository is organized and provides links to snapshots of API documentation.

GeoAPI is developed in two branches hosted on GitHub repository:

Furthermore each branch contains the following directories:


All documents listed below are snapshots and may change at any time before release.

Working group

A GeoAPI Standard Working Group has formed within the OGC to formalize GeoAPI as a published OGC standard. But most of the work is done publicly on the GitHub repository. GeoAPI has a wiki restricted to OGC members, but it is used mostly for OGC-specific instructions about deployment to Maven Central. The public wiki on GitHub is used for GeoAPI roadmap. Specification draft is available online.