GeoAPI normative 3.1-SNAPSHOT

Java interfaces derived from specifications of International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). Interfaces in the org.opengis.geoapi modules were created from UML diagrams found in the ISO and OGC specifications and are part of the GeoAPI standard. The org.opengis.geoapi.pending module contains work in progress, not yet scheduled for standardization. The org.opengis.conformance module allow implementers to test their product. Other modules are examples in public domain.
Set of annotations mapping GeoAPI interfaces to Open Geospatial UML or XML schemas.
Defines the structure and content of views of real-world phenomenon.
Filters features according their properties.
Metadata about the specific elements that a particular implementation supports.
The metadata root entity.
Type for citing a resource and information about the responsible party.
Restrictions placed on data (legal and security constraints).
Identification of the feature catalogue used, or description of the content of a coverage dataset.
Information concerning the distributor of, and options for obtaining, a resource.
Geographic, vertical and temporal extents.
Information to uniquely identify the data or service.
Sources and production processes used in producing a dataset.
Scope and frequency of updating data.
Information concerning the mechanisms used to represent spatial information in a dataset.
Description and storage of parameter values.
Base interfaces for reference systems.
Geodetic datum (the relationship of a coordinate system to the earth).
Coordinate operations (relationship between any two coordinate reference systems).
A set of base types from ISO 19103 which can not be mapped directly from Java, plus utilities.