Module org.opengis.geoapi.example

module org.opengis.geoapi.example
Examples of GeoAPI implementations. This module is provided only for illustrative purposes with simple implementations. This module is not for use in production. For real applications, use a library implementing GeoAPI or providing GeoAPI wrappers.

Implementation details

In this example module, the implementation classes are not exported. The intent is to demonstrate how geospatial services can be used through factories and standard interfaces. The implementations in this module are very incomplete, but can be used as starting points for implementers. Since every files in this module are placed into the Public Domain, anyone is free to do whatever they wish with those files. The following sections are for developers wanting to look at the implementation classes, for example in order to develop their own library.


The org.opengis.metadata package and sub-packages contain a large number of interfaces, which may give the impression that implementing metadata is very tedious. However the Proxy class can provide dynamically generated implementations. The metadata example in this module shows how to implement every metadata interfaces with only two small classes.


The ISO 19111 model contains lot of details, some of them being ignored by existing libraries. For example some libraries make no distinction between:
  • Ellipsoid and Geodetic Reference Frame
  • Coordinate System and Coordinate Reference System
  • Coordinate Operation and Math Transform
This module follows the path of simpler libraries by merging different ISO concepts in the same class. While this is not a recommended approach for strict ISO 19111 compliance, the intent is to demonstrate that implementers are not forced to care about all ISO 19111 details.