Interface ScopedName

All Superinterfaces:
Comparable<GenericName>, GenericName

@UML(identifier="ScopedName", specification=ISO_19103) public interface ScopedName extends GenericName
A composite of a LocalName (as head) for locating another name space, and a GenericName (as tail) valid in that name space. For example, if this name is "org.opengis.util.Record", then the head and tail components are as below. The path and tip() are also shown for completeness:
This definition allows for iteration. The tail may be either a LocalName or another ScopedName. If it is a scoped name, then another another step towards a remote local name is taken. In this way, a scoped name may represent an arbitrarily distant local name simply by the number of times the tail() method evaluates to a ScopedName before finally terminating on a LocalName.

It may be seen that ScopedName is the means by which fully-qualified names are expressed. However, a ScopedName is not, in itself, what is commonly thought of as a fully qualified name. The ScopedName type is one link in the chain, not the entire chain. A scoped name is a fully qualified name only if its scope is global.