Interface IdentifiedObject

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AffineCS, CartesianCS, CompoundCRS, ConcatenatedOperation, ConicProjection, Conversion, CoordinateOperation, CoordinateReferenceSystem, CoordinateSystem, CoordinateSystemAxis, CylindricalCS, CylindricalProjection, Datum, DerivedCRS, Ellipsoid, EllipsoidalCS, EngineeringCRS, EngineeringDatum, GeneralDerivedCRS, GeneralParameterDescriptor, GeocentricCRS, GeodeticCRS, GeodeticDatum, GeographicCRS, ImageCRS, ImageDatum, LinearCS, OperationMethod, ParameterDescriptor<T>, ParameterDescriptorGroup, PassThroughOperation, PlanarProjection, PolarCS, PrimeMeridian, ProjectedCRS, Projection, ReferenceSystem, SingleCRS, SingleOperation, SphericalCS, TemporalCRS, TemporalDatum, TimeCS, Transformation, UserDefinedCS, VerticalCRS, VerticalCS, VerticalDatum

@UML(identifier="IO_IdentifiedObject", specification=ISO_19111) public interface IdentifiedObject
Supplementary identification and remarks information for a CRS or CRS-related object. When CRSAuthorityFactory is used to create an object, the authority and authority code values shall be set to the authority name of the factory object, and the authority code supplied by the client, respectively. The other values may or may not be set. If the authority is EPSG, the implementer may consider using the corresponding metadata values in the EPSG tables.
Departure from OGC/ISO abstract specification:
Departure for harmonization between different specifications ISO 19111 defines an IdentifiedObjectBase interface. The later is omitted in GeoAPI because the split between IdentifiedObject and IdentifiedObjectBase in the ISO/OGC specification was a workaround for introducing IdentifiedObject in ISO 19111 without changing the ReferenceSystem definition in ISO 19115 but GeoAPI does not need this workaround.