Interface DirectPosition

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@Classifier(DATATYPE) @UML(identifier="DirectPosition", specification=ISO_19107) public interface DirectPosition extends Position
Holds the coordinates for a position within some coordinate reference system. Since DirectPositions, as data types, will often be included in larger objects (such as geometries) that have references to coordinate reference system (CRS), the getCoordinateReferenceSystem() method may return null if this particular DirectPosition is included in a larger object with such a reference to a CRS. In this case, the coordinate reference system is implicitly assumed to take on the value of the containing object's CRS.

Optional operation

A direct position can optionally be modifiable. If this DirectPosition is unmodifiable, then all setter methods will throw UnsupportedOperationException.
Convenience extension to OGC/ISO standard The ISO specification defines this interface in the coordinate sub-package. GeoAPI moved this interface into the org.opengis.geometry root package for convenience, because it is extensively used.