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Package Summary
Set of annotations mapping GeoAPI interfaces to Open Geospatial UML or XML schemas.
Defines the structure and content of views of real-world phenomenon.
Filters features according their properties.
Metadata about the specific elements that a particular implementation supports.
Root package for geometries.
Set of geometric objects that are not decomposed further into other primitives.
The metadata root entity.
Type for citing a resource and information about the responsible party.
Restrictions placed on data (legal and security constraints).
Identification of the feature catalogue used, or description of the content of a coverage dataset.
Information concerning the distributor of, and options for obtaining, a resource.
Geographic, vertical and temporal extents.
Information to uniquely identify the data or service.
Sources and production processes used in producing a dataset.
Scope and frequency of updating data.
Description of the quality of geographic data.
Information concerning the mechanisms used to represent spatial information in a dataset.
Description and storage of parameter values.
Base interfaces for reference systems.
Geodetic datum (the relationship of a coordinate system to the earth).
Coordinate operations (relationship between any two coordinate reference systems).
Temporal position and duration.
A set of base types from ISO 19103 which can not be mapped directly from Java, plus utilities.