Package org.opengis.test

package org.opengis.test
The GeoAPI conformance testing framework. This package does not provide any test by itself, but provides the base classes for all tests defined in sub-packages. The classes in this package can be grouped in 6 categories:
  • Test cases
    TestCase is the base class of all GeoAPI tests. Implementers can extend directly the TestCase subclasses of their choice for gaining some control, for example in order to specify whether math transform derivatives are supported by their implementation.

  • Test suite
    TestSuite groups all GeoAPI TestCases in a single point. This is not the easiest class to use since implementations typically support only a subset of GeoAPI functionalities. But TestSuite can provide some help for implementers defining their own test suite.

  • Validation
    Validators class provides static validate(…) methods that can be used for validating existing instances of various kinds. Those methods can be conveniently imported in a test class with the following Java statement:

    import static org.opengis.test.Validators.*;

    Validator and ValidatorContainer are support classes for the above, but usually do not need to be considered unless the validation process needs to be customized.

  • Assertions
    Assert extends org.junit.Assert class with additional assertion methods.

  • Configuration
    Configuration, CalculationType and ToleranceModifier allow implementers to alter the tests.

  • Events
    TestListener, TestEvent and ComputationFailure allow implementers to be notified about test executions, successes or failures.

  • Class
    Extension to JUnit assertion methods.
    The kind of calculation that produced the DirectPositions being compared.
    Base class for exceptions thrown when a numerical computation did not produced the expected value.
    Contains information about the test environment, like available factories and disabled tests.
    Type-safe keys that can be used in a Configuration map.
    Base class of all GeoAPI tests.
    To be replaced by JUnit 5 listener mechanism.
    To be replaced by JUnit 5 listener mechanism.
    The suite of every tests defined in the GeoAPI conformance module.
    Modifies the tolerance threshold before to compare a calculated value against its expected value.
    A factory of various ToleranceModifier implementations.
    Pre-defined constants for the units of measurement used by the conformance tests.
    Base class of all GeoAPI validators.
    A set of convenience methods for validating GeoAPI implementations.
    A set of convenience static methods for validating GeoAPI implementations.