Package org.opengis.test.referencing

package org.opengis.test.referencing
Validators and test suites for the org.opengis.referencing package. The validator classes don't need to be used directly (use the static Validators methods instead), unless implementers want to alter the way referencing objects are validated.

This package provides a TransformTestCase base class with methods for testing MathTransform instances. The various TransformTestCase fields control different aspects of the test to be run, like the tolerance threshold for comparing coordinate values or whether math transform derivatives are supported. Implementers can extend this class in order to define their own tests.

The ObjectFactoryTest, AuthorityFactoryTest, ParameterizedTransformTest and other concrete classes can also be extended by implementers in order to inherit predefined test cases. Many of those test cases are derived from publications of authoritative sources like EPSG or national mapping agencies. By extending the test classes directly, implementers can control which factories are used and alter the way the tests are performed as documented in the above-cited TransformTestCase class.