Interface GeocentricCRS

All Superinterfaces:
CoordinateReferenceSystem, GeodeticCRS, IdentifiedObject, ReferenceSystem, SingleCRS

@UML(identifier="SC_GeocentricCRS", specification=ISO_19111, version=2003) public interface GeocentricCRS extends GeodeticCRS
A 3-dimensional coordinate reference system with the origin at the approximate centre of mass of the earth. A geocentric CRS deals with the earth's curvature by taking a 3-dimensional spatial view, which obviates the need to model the earth's curvature.

This type of CRS can be used with coordinate systems of type Cartesian or Spherical.

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Departure from OGC/ISO abstract specification:
Departure for historical reason This interface is kept conformant with the specification published in 2003. The 2007 revision of ISO 19111 removed the SC_GeographicCRS and SC_GeocentricCRS types, handling both using the SC_GeodeticCRS parent type. GeoAPI keeps them since the distinction between those two types is in wide use.