Interface TimeCS

All Superinterfaces:
CoordinateSystem, IdentifiedObject

@UML(identifier="TemporalCS", specification=ISO_19111) public interface TimeCS extends CoordinateSystem
A 1-dimensional coordinate system containing a single time axis. This coordinate system is used to describe the temporal position of a point in the specified time units from a time origin implied by the temporal datum. ISO 19111 defines three forms of temporal coordinate system:
  • Measure of a temporal quantity as real numbers.
  • Count of a temporal quantity as integer numbers.
  • Numbers related to dates or times expressed in the proleptic Gregorian calendar.
Those forms are specified by getCoordinateType(). GeoAPI does not define specialized sub-interfaces for each form.

This type of CS can be used by coordinate reference systems of type TemporalCRS, potentially in combination with DerivedCRS.

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Departure from OGC/ISO standard for closer integration with the Java environment ISO 19111:2019 renamed this interface from TimeCS to TemporalCS. GeoAPI has kept the ISO 19111:2007 interface name for historical reasons, but also to emphasize the relationship with the java.time package.