Interface DerivedCRS

All Superinterfaces:
CoordinateReferenceSystem, GeneralDerivedCRS, IdentifiedObject, ReferenceSystem, SingleCRS

@UML(identifier="SC_DerivedCRS", specification=ISO_19111) public interface DerivedCRS extends GeneralDerivedCRS
A coordinate reference system that is defined by its coordinate conversion from another CRS but is not a projected CRS. This category includes coordinate reference systems derived from a projected CRS.

A DerivedCRS instance may also implement one of the interfaces listed below, provided that the conditions in the right column are meet:

Derived CRS types
Type Conditions
GeodeticCRS Base CRS is also a GeodeticCRS.
VerticalCRS Base CRS is also a VerticalCRS.
TemporalCRS Base CRS is also a TemporalCRS.
EngineeringCRS Base CRS is a GeodeticCRS, ProjectedCRS or EngineeringCRS.
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Departure from OGC/ISO abstract specification:
Departure for closer integration with the Java environment ISO 19111 defines a SC_DerivedCRSType code list with the following values: geodetic, vertical, engineering and image. But ISO 19162 takes a slightly different approach without such code list. Instead, ISO 19162 writes the derived CRS using the WKT keyword of the corresponding CRS type (“GeodCRS”, “VertCRS”, “TimeCRS” or “EngCRS”). GeoAPI follows a similar path by not providing a DerivedCRSType code list. Instead, we recommend to implement the corresponding interface as documented in the above table. Then, Java expressions like (baseCRS instanceof FooCRS) provides the same capability than the code list with more flexibility. For example, it allows to use a derived CRS of type “vertical” with API expecting an instance of VerticalCRS.