Interface VerticalCS

All Superinterfaces:
CoordinateSystem, IdentifiedObject

@UML(identifier="VerticalCS", specification=ISO_19111) public interface VerticalCS extends CoordinateSystem
A 1-dimensional coordinate system used to record the heights or depths of points. Such a coordinate system is usually dependent on the planet's gravity field, perhaps loosely as when atmospheric pressure is the basis for the vertical coordinate system axis. An exact definition is deliberately not provided as the complexities of the subject fall outside the scope of the ISO 19111 specification.

This type of CS can be used by coordinate reference systems of type VerticalCRS, potentially in combination with DerivedCRS. The following examples describe some possible axes for vertical CS used with the above-cited CRS:

Example 1: positive values above sea level
Axis name Abbr. Direction Unit
Gravity-related height H AxisDirection.UP metre
Example 2: positive values below sea level
Axis name Abbr. Direction Unit
Depth D AxisDirection.DOWN metre
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