Interface InternationalString

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CharSequence, Comparable<InternationalString>
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@UML(identifier="PT_FreeText", specification=ISO_19115) public interface InternationalString extends CharSequence, Comparable<InternationalString>
A string that has been internationalized into several locales. This interface is used as a replacement for the String type whenever an attribute needs to be internationalization capable.

The natural ordering is defined by the lexicographical ordering of strings in the default locale, as returned by toString(). This string also defines the character sequence for this object.

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Departure from OGC/ISO abstract specification:
Change of name without change in functionality This is called PT_FreeText in ISO 19115 standard, and can be applied to all metadata elements who's data type is CharacterString and domain is “free text”. GeoAPI uses the InternationalString name for historical reasons and for consistency with similar object in Internationalization Service for J2EE.
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    • toString

      String toString(Locale locale)
      Returns this string in the given locale. If no string is available in the given locale, then some fallback locale is used. The fallback locale is implementation-dependent, and is not necessarily the same than the default locale used by the toString() method.

      If the application is running on a server, the locale argument should be determined from the HTTP request headers instead of the platform default locale.

      locale - the desired locale for the string to be returned.
      the string in the given locale if available, or in an implementation-dependent fallback locale otherwise.
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    • toString

      String toString()
      Returns this string in the default locale. The default locale is implementation-dependent. It may be the system default, the root locale or any other locale at implementation choice.

      All methods from CharSequence operate on this string. This string is also used as the criterion for natural ordering.

      Specified by:
      toString in interface CharSequence
      toString in class Object
      the string in the default locale.