Interface ParameterDescriptorGroup

All Superinterfaces:
GeneralParameterDescriptor, IdentifiedObject
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@UML(identifier="CC_OperationParameterGroup", specification=ISO_19111) public interface ParameterDescriptorGroup extends GeneralParameterDescriptor
The definition of a group of related parameters used by an operation method.
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Departure from OGC/ISO abstract specification:
Change of name without change in functionality GeoAPI uses a name which contains the "Descriptor" word for consistency with other libraries in Java (e.g. ParameterListDescriptor in Java Advanced Imaging).
  • Method Details

    • descriptors

      Returns the parameters in this group.
      the parameter descriptors in this group.
    • descriptor

      Returns the parameter descriptor in this group for the specified identifier code.
      name - the case insensitive identifier code of the parameter to search for.
      the parameter for the given identifier code.
      ParameterNotFoundException - if there is no parameter for the given identifier code.
      Departure from OGC/ISO abstract specification:
      Extension for convenience without introduction of new functionality This method is not part of the ISO specification. It has been added in an attempt to make this interface easier to use.
    • createValue

      ParameterValueGroup createValue()
      Creates a new instance of parameter value group initialized with the default values. While not a requirement, the parameter value descriptor for the created group will typically be this descriptor instance.

      The number of ParameterValue objects included must be between the minimum and maximum occurrences required. For example:

      • For ParameterDescriptor with multiplicity 1:* a ParameterValue will be included with the default value (even if this default value is null).
      • For ParameterDescriptor with multiplicity 0:* no entry is required. ParameterValue entries may be created only as needed.
      Specified by:
      createValue in interface GeneralParameterDescriptor
      a new parameter instance initialized to the default value.
      Departure from OGC/ISO abstract specification:
      Addition of element not in the ISO/OGC specification This method is not part of the ISO specification. It is provided in GeoAPI as a kind of factory method.