Interface GeneralParameterDescriptor

All Superinterfaces:
All Known Subinterfaces:
ParameterDescriptor<T>, ParameterDescriptorGroup
All Known Implementing Classes:
SimpleParameter, SimpleParameterGroup

@Classifier(ABSTRACT) @UML(identifier="CC_GeneralOperationParameter", specification=ISO_19111) public interface GeneralParameterDescriptor extends IdentifiedObject
Abstract definition of a parameter or group of parameters used by an operation method. This interface combines information provided by Referencing by Coordinates (ISO 19111), Service Metadata (ISO 19115), Data Quality (ISO 19157) and Web Processing Services (WPS) standards. The main information are:
Main parameter properties and their mapping to other standards
Getter method ISO 19111 ISO 19115 ISO 19157 WPS Remarks
getName() name name name Identifier See method javadoc for MemberNameIdentifier mapping.
getAlias() alias
getIdentifiers() identifier Optional, contrarily to name which is mandatory.
getName().getDescription() definition Should be a short sentence.
getDescription() description description Abstract Explanation more detailed than the definition.
getRemarks() remarks
getValueType() valueType Name that describes the type of parameter values.
getDirection() direction Tells if the parameter is a WPS Input or Output structure.
getMinimumOccurs() minimumOccurs optionality MinOccurs optionality   = (minimumOccurs > 0)
getMaximumOccurs() maximumOccurs repeatability MaxOccurs repeatability = (maximumOccurs > 1)
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Departure from OGC/ISO abstract specification:
Change of name without change in functionality GeoAPI uses a name which contains the "Descriptor" word for consistency with other libraries in Java (e.g. ParameterListDescriptor in Java Advanced Imaging).