Interface PolarCS

All Superinterfaces:
CoordinateSystem, IdentifiedObject

@UML(identifier="CS_PolarCS", specification=ISO_19111) public interface PolarCS extends CoordinateSystem
A 2-dimensional coordinate system in which position is specified by the distance from the origin and the angle between the line from the origin to a point and a reference direction.

This type of CS can be used by coordinate reference systems of type EngineeringCRS. The following examples describe some possible set of axes for polar CS used with the above-cited CRS:

Example: used with an Engineering CRS
Axis name Abbr. Direction Unit
Distance r AxisDirection.valueOf("AWAY_FROM") metre
Bearing Θ AxisDirection.valueOf("CLOCKWISE") degree
Note: the above example uses two axis directions that are not defined in ISO 19111, but found in ISO 19162 as "awayFrom" and "clockwise".
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